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Company start in 2019

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Maskatiyas General Trading provides its customers in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa with the highest quality of mobile LCDs at competitive prices. We started in 2019 and are operating in accordance with two brands, namely Gold Touch and Original Golden. All of our products are designed to be as accessible to end users as possible. We try our best to assist our customers with any query and problem they might face.



Maskatiyas General Trading aims to provide its customers in the Middle East Asia and Africa regions with the finest quality of mobile LCDs at a competitive and user-friendly price. As much as possible, we try to ensure that our products provide maximum end user availability.


Ultimately, our vision is to first understand the requirements and needs of our clients and then offer them the finest quality products at a reasonable price/rate. Our main goal is to give our customers a comfortable experience and high quality products.

Our aim - Your satisfaction

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There might be a lot of options for you when opting LCDs, but we make a difference with our specialty
in providing you with quality wise superior and price wise minimal and user friendly LCDs.

Sapphire hardness

The sapphire hardness of our LCDs makes it almost entirely scratch proof from any cracks or crackles.


Nippon optics tech

Our Nippon optics tech has the ability to detect light, typically at a specific range of the electromagnetic spectra.


Original chipset pack

We provide you with an original chipset pack, for your ease and effortlessness.


Delicate technologies

We are advanced and up to date with the latest modern and contemporary technologies.


FHD High defination

Full High Definition (FHD) is the resolution 1920x1080P. The more pixel, the sharper the appearance; hence that is what sets us apart


Precision artificial tech

With our special and exclusive AI features, our LCDs provides an ethereal experience like no other